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Traffic Violation FAQ

How do I get in touch with you to discuss my traffic ticket?

Fill out our Ticket Submission form to discuss your traffic violation with a Speed Demon Advocate.  Or, if your court date is within 48 hours, call us at (504) 383-3246.

What is Speed Demon Advocates?

Speed Demon Advocates are attorneys that can assist in representing you and defending you against your traffic violations, Lemon Law issues and any other automotive related legal issues. Speed Demon Advocates was founded by Bryce Murray, an attorney in Metairie, Louisiana.  Bryce graduated at the top of his class at Loyola University, College of Law and has been ranked as one of the Leaders in Law by New Orleans CityBusiness, the Best Attorney in Jefferson Parish by JeffLife Magazine, and a SuperLawyer Rising Star. Bryce can be reached at or by calling (504) 383-3246.

Do I need an attorney for a traffic ticket?

While you aren't required to have an attorney for your traffic ticket, it makes sense to get one.  Our Speed Demon Advocates typically can negotiate a lesser violation, including possibly a non-moving violation, receive a lesser fine for you and reduce your chances of an increase in your insurance premium.  Beyond monetary savings, our Speed Demon Advocates can reduce your time commitment by appearing on your behalf in court.

Will I have to go to court?

Typically if you are contesting your ticket you will have to appear in court.  However, if you retain one of our Speed Demon Advocates, most of the time, the lawyer can appear on your behalf in court without you having to take time off from work or rearranging your schedule to attend.

If your ticket involves an accident, DUI, serious injury/death, or parking in a handicap spot, you will have to eventually appear in court.

I was Speeding, why Shouldn't I just Plead Guilty and Pay the Fine?

Paying a fine to the Parish or City the ticket was issued in yields the Parish or City the same money whether it is classified as a moving violation or non-moving violation.  However, for you, that classification of moving violation versus non-moving violation is a BIG deal.  A moving violation will cost you more than the simple fine-- it could raise your insurance premiums and tarnish your driving record.  Why allow that to happen? Our Speed Demon Advocates may be able to negotiate a reduction of the speeding ticket to a non-moving violation.  

Can I "challenge" or "beat" my ticket?

Whether you pay your ticket in advance of your court date, or show to contest, challenge or beat your ticket, the fine will be the same if you lose at court or pay the ticket in advance.  So why not at least give it a shot?  While challenging a ticket and going to trial on your violation is a viable option, it is not always successful and should definitely be done by a lawyer who understands the legal process.  If you require a "clean driving record" for work or other reasons, going to trial may be the only option.  For most people, retaining one of our Speed Demon Advocates and having them negotiate a lesser violation or defend your charges will usually achieve the results every driver is looking for.

How does a ticket affect my insurance?

A moving violation can increase your insurance.  Many insurance companies will increase your premiums based on your driving record.  Some insurance companies will not give you insurance if you have tickets on your record. Most insurance companies review your previous 36-month driving record for moving violations to determine your insurance rate or if they want to insure you at all. Negotiating your ticket to a "non-moving violation" will typically keep it from appearing on your driving record and stop an increase in your premium rate.

What if I just ignore my ticket?  Or, simply don't go to court? 
Or, Missed my Court Date?

Ignoring your traffic ticket or not appearing during your court date will result in the judge most likely issuing an "attachment" (i.e. warrant) for your arrest, finding you in contempt of court or suspending your license.  If you don't show to court or pay your ticket by the date on the citation, you could be arrested the next time you encounter a police or sheriff's officer.  If you can't make your court date, your lawyer probably can-- its a lot cheaper to pay a Speed Demon Advocate to appear on your behalf then to have to call a loved one to bail you out of jail or for you to have to appear before a judge for ignoring your ticket.

Fill out our Ticket Submission form to discuss your traffic violation with us.