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Do You Know How Fast You Were Going? 
We've all heard this statement or something similar on the side of the road.  Deep in the pit of your stomach you know that accompanying this statement is a potential moving violation, traffic ticket, fine, traffic citation, speeding ticket, increased insurance premium, driving school, license suspension, and even a court date.  

Speed Demon Advocates can assist you in resolving your motor vehicle moving violations (including speeding tickets, reckless driving, handicap parking, and accident citations). In our experience, most tickets can be adjusted, challenged or negotiated to lessen the infliction of frustration associated with these citations.  You should have a lawyer handle this matter for you.

Submit your ticket information (click here) and one of our local Southeast Louisiana Speed Demon Advocates will contact you to discuss your citation.  Our attorneys cover Jefferson Parish, Orleans Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. John the Baptist Parish and the infamous St. Charles Parish (including tickets issued on I-310).

So whether you've been the victim of the speed trap on I-310, sped through New Orleans, or simply forgot that Harahan officers like hanging out on River Road, we can help you preserve your driving record and insurance costs. 

Don't let your traffic citation Southeast Louisiana wreck your week-- call us or submit your ticket information online to get the ball rolling.

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